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Juventus Stadium Hospitality: More than just a football game

Posted on 22 Sep 2014

Some have called it the most beautiful sports facility in Europe where viewers are the real creators of an exciting show, where passion, folklore and history are intertwined in a truly enviable mix that few other teams in Italy can boast. We are obviously talking about the Juventus Stadium in Turin, the facility of the most titled and beloved Italian football club in Italy. A stadium that is actually much more than just a sports facility and where the related services and hospitality are unquestionably an integral part of the show.

Juventus Stadium Hospitality: sports, history and public relations

Thanks to Esatour Sport Events, the leader tour operator for sports in Italy and in Europe, you can fully enjoy the service of the Juventus Stadium Hospitality, directly booking online match tickets and all other benefits related to the sporting event itself and the presence the stadium. In fact, in the new plant of the Juventus team, the game is only one of the ingredients of the show: restaurants, museums, conference rooms, all designed to offer the viewer an unforgettable event in which sport, history and public relations are the highlights of one of the best European clubs.

Doing Business in the stadium thanks to Juventus Stadium Hospitality

The service Juventus Stadium Hospitality that you can easily book through the site Esatour Sport Events, also provides the opportunity for companies and business people to take care of and develop their business by taking advantage of corporate services provided by Juventus: inside the 'venue it is possible to book meeting rooms and conferences, dealings with customers and suppliers in several meeting rooms or in the refined restaurants before or after the game. In short, you have the opportunity to not only attend the sporting event itself but also at the same time to cultivate and keep warm business relationships