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Tickets of the German league: the show of Bundesliga

Posted on 22 Sep 2014

It is useless to get around: if in the middle of the 90s the Italian Serie A was considered the most beautiful and richest league in the world, nowadays that distinction belongs inevitably to other countries. In recent years in particular, we have learned to get to know and enjoy the show of the English Premier League, but right now Bundesliga is the national tournament in which both professionals and fans are watching with more interest and enthusiasm. All tickets for the German Bundeliga edition 2014/2015 can be purchased through the website of Esatour Sport Events, the online agency that organizes trips throughout Europe for sporting events of all types.

Tickets to attend the German Bundelisga in the most beautiful stadia of the world

But why today is Bundesliga considered to be the role model? There are several factors that are currently in this league the richest and most interesting in Europe. First of all, it should be noted that Bundesliga tickets are among the cheapest in Europe, making it possible to have stadia always full with fans and families. The sports facilities were modernized during the World Cup 2006, a renovation which has allowed to build ultra modern venues like in England.

Book and buy your tickets for the Garman Bundelisga

The financial statements of the Bundesliga are in perfect order thanks to revenues from the activities of the stadia, merchandising and private sponsors (the TV rights account for only 30%). The clubs themselves are the property of their fans and are regarded by the law as mere associations and therefore obliged to immediately reinvest the generated revenue. Shortly, we can test the German organization, and how it works! If you want to see live and enjoy this show, you can book and purchase tickets directly on the website of Esatour Sport Events.